The history of kennel El Hamrah

 The Saluki kennel of Pirjo Grönfors is one of the most prestigious Finnish kennels of the 80´s and 90´s.
 Her Salukis have numerous Best In Show victories and BIS placements, as well as “Show Dog of  the
 Year” awards for first and second place.In the 1990´s she has been nominated “Breeder of the Year”
 (all breeds) in - 90´, -91 and -95, and placed third in -96. (The competition was not held in the years
 between). The kennel has also had several title winning racing and coursing hounds.

 Our first dog was an Irish Setter. We bought it without sufficient knowledge of the breed. Our setter
 happened to have a wonderful   temperament. It died young however, and we did not want another to
 remind us of that wonderful family member. By then we had enough knowledge of dogs to explore
 compatibility with different breeds. Gradually we came to decide upon the Saluki.Salukis were
 rare at this time. There had only been about 50 registered in Finland. We had to wait 18 months
for our
 first Saluki puppy.  In the fall of 1970 we finally got our puppy, the chocolate/tan bitch
Del Flamante

 The foundation dog of my present Salukis however is International Champion, Winner -81, Scandinavian
 Winner -82, -83, Racing  Champion, Derby Winner -80 El Hamrah Bazman. To my mind he is one of
greats both in conformation and running ability. Above all he was a wonderful stud dog. Of Bazman’s
 progeny the most famous are International Champion, Winner -87, Copenhagen Winner  -89, World
 Winner -89 El Hamrah Giah, one of the most successful dogs in Finland; International Champion

 El Hamrah Ibn-Jagad Joni who had several Best in Shows, International Champion, Winner -90, -91,
 World Winner -92, Racing Champion, Star Racer -87 Finnish Lurecoursing Championship Winner -88
 El Hamrah Jaddah and International Champion, Winner -88 El Hamrah  Karachi-Khan. Among their
 offspring in several generations are the currently victorious International Champion
 El Hamrah Sheherban
and International Champion El Hamrah Timirr-Khan to name but two.
 Bazman is also prominent in many
other kennels’ pedigrees. More than a hundred El Hamrah Salukis
 have became champions so far.

 In choosing a kennel name I wanted it to be of Arabian derivation. Another requirement was that it have
meaning. El Hamrah means  “travelling companion”, which I feel is descriptive of the Saluki as a family

 My Ideal Saluki

 It is vital to remember that the original purpose of the Saluki is hunting, chasing down swift game. The
 longstrided lifting gait is the  trademark of a soundly built Saluki. A greceful, balanced whole, true to the
 standard and in no way exaggerated.

 The diversity of type within the Saluki allows breeders to focus on their type and stick to it. It is doubtful
 that any of the original varietes could be found purebred any longer.

 To  uphold a good standard I have to carefully explore and consider the probable outcome of different
 combinations before decidind to  breed. I strive to improve possible inadequesies and avoid creating new
 ones while retaining my type.
Despite all research and scientific probalities I sometimes have to rely on
 my gut feelings, and so far I have succeeded.


 Pirjo Grönfors
 El Hamrah