- 24.9.2019   Updated front page.
Updated champions, news 2018 and news 2019.
- 14.4.2018   Updated front page. The puppies are here!
Updated champions, news 2017 and news 2018.
- 7.3.2018   We are expecting puppies! See front page.
- 15.9.2017   Updated news, news from abroad and champions. Updated some photos of M-litter, N-litter, Harini Bharatiya and Hakeem-Bharatiya.
- 31.12.2016   Updated news and champions. Added new photo of Karenza.
- 24.5.2016   Updated news and champions.
- 7.2.2016   Updated news and news from abroad.
- 20.12.2015   Updated news and news from abroad. Added new photos of Majeeda, Maher, Kayesha and Unnah.
- 22.10.2015   Updated news. Added new photos of N-puppies and Maysam.
- 29.7.2015   Updated puppy news.
- 7.5.2015   Updated puppy news, champions and news. Added a new photo of Jaser.
- 1.2.2015   Updated champions, international champions, news and news from abroad. Ifra and Iris got their own C.I.B pages and M-litter got their own litter page.
Added photos of Shantal-Ida, Ikram, Kayesha, Khataraan, Birak Batal on their own pages and Birak Batal in the portrait gallery.
Added a new gallery for movement.